The B.V. Riviera tote bag, grey and emerald


The B.V. Riviera tote bag is the perfect companion on any journey whether it is sunny, sandy, windy or wet. The waterproof external material is not only resistant to water and other liquids, but also scratches and even creams and dirt can be wiped clean from the surface. 

It features elegant Italian leather accents including side and bottom reinforcements, leather trim and handles. 

As with the other Bon Vivant models, the interior is uniquely designed in neoprene to cradle and carry all your precious cargo. There are two expandable pouches for wine, water or whatever bottles you might carry. They can also be easily tucked back flush against the side of the bag if not in use. 

There are three open-top pockets on one side for smaller items such as phones, keys, glasses, pens or lipsticks. 

On the other side is a generous zip pocket that goes the depth of the bag so you can easily fit a normal iPad, wallet or item you want to keep out of sight. 

The tote bag is open however there is a neoprene and leather discretion coverlet that be pulled over top the center part of the bag and fasten by magnets. 

The leather handles are long enough so that the bag can be carried by hand or over-the-shoulder. 

A signature leather strap also closes over the top of the bag. 

The back side features a leather band allowing a suitcase handle to pass through to secure the tote during travels. 

  • Available in: grey & taupe, deux blue, mandarine & blue, rose & grey, grey & orange and grey & emerald
  • Size : 36 cm x Height 36 cm x Depth 14 cm
  • Handle height : Handle height 23 cm
  • Materials : Italian leather and Italian neoprene 
  • 2 neoprene bottle pockets large enough for a magnum size bottle
  • 3 neoprene open top pockets 
  • 1 neoprene zip-closed pocket 
  • Magnet fastened discretion cover 
  • Leather closure strap
  • Leather suitcase handle fixation strap 
  • Hand-held or over-the-shoulder straps
  • Comes with a sturdy signature canvas tote bag 
  • Hand Made in France