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    Discover the French wine-country lifestyle

    Discover the French wine-country lifestyle

    Kelley was living and working in Paris, when she first visited the storied wine-making region that would become her home. Captivated by the beauty and slower pace of life in Bordeaux, it was here that she fell in love with her future husband, Edouard Moueix, the third-generation member of Jean-Pierre Moueix, producers and distributors of some of the world’s finest wines.

      The DeuxVin Bag

      The DeuxVin Bag

      The first question Kelley wanted to answer as a new mom, a working woman on-the-go, and a Bordelaise enjoying plenty of meals was: how can one carry everything they need for the day chicly and securely, from home to work, or day to evening?

      Most people today leave the house with a bottle of water or juice, or a thermos of tea, plus their wallet, documents and or laptop. Often when we return home, we pick up a bottle to enjoy with our meal that evening, or we head directly from work to see friends or family. The idea was to design a bag that could adapt to all of those occasions, and even all in one day.

      With a background working in luxury products for L'Oréal and a love of art and design, Kelley has created her first product, the DeuxVin bag, a chic yet sturdy carrier of wine and life’s essentials.


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        Marrying American and French aesthetics, the DeuxVin bag combines streamlined design and a subtle palette inspired by Bordeaux’s natural landscape. The bag’s structure is inspired by the traditional oak barrels for aging wine, and their central panel and rounded edges.

        The exterior is made of the finest Italian leather, with an interior composed of lightweight and water-resistant neoprene. This technical fabric brings structure, cushion, and temperature control to precious liquid cargo.