Announcing Maison Marrain

Announcing Maison Marrain


From the heart of French wine country, elegant, meticulously designed bags and accessories to chicly and securely transport bottles of wine, as well as life’s other necessities. Savor life's delicious moments with style.




Dear friends,

It is truly with great emotion and excitement that I introduce to you this new brand Maison Marrain, an expression of French wine-country lifestyle. My hope is to share with you a bit of the joy and beauty of living amongst the Bordeaux vines. I have learned so much living in France about taking the time to enjoy “l’art de vivre” – especially about French cuisine and fine wines, and I wanted to find a beautiful way to capture that spirit.

The first Maison Marrain creation, the DeuxVin bag, aims to keep “l’art de vivre” top of mind – to travel elegantly and practically through your day with your liquid cargo and other essentials carefully concealed in the neoprene interior.

I hope that Maison Marrain will help you appreciate all of life’s little pleasures even more, savoring delicious moments with style.

Please feel free to pass this email on to any friends whom you think might enjoy the Maison Marrain lifestyle.

Merci beaucoup!

xx Kelley


What is Maison Marrain ?


It is a place, a home with a history on the property of Château Bélair-Monange where Kelley created the atelier and office for the brand. The house is on a hill overlooking a valley of pristinely tended vineyards and the limestone village of Saint-Émilion. It is a little window into the wine-country that inspired the brand. Marrain roughly means 'Godparent' and Kelley feels like this place and those around her have served such a role in the creation of the brand, and she hopes that the brand will carry on that message inspiring others to take the time to slow down and savor the beauty of the French wine-country lifestyle.